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GIFT Design Academy (GDA) located in Kolkata, West Bengal,since 1999 is a trend setting institute in the field of :


Fashion designing & Interior designing are an art, that portrays a person’s skill along with creativity in aesthetically showcasing his/her innovative and ingenious ideas by putting them to work.

GIFT DESIGN ACADENY exhilarates in promoting students in fashion designing. GIFT which not only follow the market trends but are also equally artistic with a promise of novelty and a hint of freshness. Students are encouraged and motivated all along by the highly talented in house professionals. Professionals have diverse knowledge and practical experiences on fashion designing training in Kolkata.

The Academy has been a pioneering institute in the field of fashion education. GIFT DESIGN ACADEMY has earned a reputation that is accredited all over India. It has administered high standards of learning pertaining to design, management and technology. It will nurture students and bring forward the best in them.

Fashion designers are responsible for :-

a) Thoroughly understanding their consumer’s needs and delivering high-end products according to their requirements after carrying out various researches on the latest trends and patterns.

b) Knowing that the combination of different fabrics, textures, colour-schemes and styles should work in harmony while designing an outfit from scratch.

c) Marketing clothing and accessories through digital platforms, advertising via prints and pamphlets.

d) Increasing networking and connections with a variety of fashion professionals who are veterans to learn from their area of expertise and cater to a wider range of audience by establishing a strong foothold from the very beginning.

We challenge the capabilities of our students and make them well equipped to face the demanding world outside so that they can make their presence felt in the competitive job-market. The overall growth of our pupils is the sole objective of the institute. In today’s world with the advancement in technology and the dire need to cope with the ever changing demands of people in the industrial scenario, it is mandatory to be self-prepared in one’s endeavour. The academic syllabi of our Academy along with the job-oriented courses provide a niche to the young ambitious minds to strive towards excellence and rise above their peers. Our institute has been lauded and acknowledged by industry experts, professionals and media for its outstanding contribution in the field of fashion and interiors. The ultimate target is to continue working collaboratively with professionals and students in unison to scale new heights of success.

GIFT urges & encourages Professionals and Academicians from various fields of specialization like Interior design with the goal to boost the current scenario of unemployment. The curriculum has been precisely designed and articulated exceptionally by Technical experts of discrete credentials in parity with Latest Industry Standards.

GIFT has also been a breakthrough in the field of Interior designing.
The main objectives of interior designers are –

A) Intelligently creating uncluttered, well-organised space that reflects style and innovative approach

b) Creatively designing to make the space look aesthetically appealing.

c) Planning, researching, managing and having skills to work within various disciplines (like architecture, graphic design, furniture, decorative art, lightening)

d) Honouring the client’s needs and delivering accordingly.

GIFT enlivens the development of maturity, independence and fosters in students the patience to work harmoniously with peers and instils in them the zeal to excel at work. More importantly we provide opportunities for internship after successful completion of the course along with scope to work with international organisations.

IMB is a leading institute in the field of Fashion education that has envisioned a way to train students and upgrade them to industry standards. Thus the foreign certificate will be a boon for our students.

Our aim is to groom the budding designers with superior technical skills, make them confident enough to be successful in the real world that is fast-paced and highly competitive.

The institute welcomes new talented individuals to take their first step in this world of glitz and glamour and kick start their dream career in design that will open new arenas of job possibilities in the future.



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